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April 5, 2016

There’s no denying that James Bond, or 007 as he’s also known, is the most infamous womaniser of all time- he is with over 30 women over the course of the novels and films! Usually they have promiscuous names and whilst some have good intentions, other’s have more evil ones, but they all have one thing in common- they can’t help but get weak under Bond’s smooth charm. But who are the best Bond girls of all time? Well, we’d be here forever going through them all but here are the top ten Bond girls of all time! In no particular order of course…

1) Pussy Galore

Pussy Galore is one of the most infamous Bond girls for sure! Not only does she have one of the most provocative names of all the ladies, she also has a wicked sense of humour and some great banter, constantly putting people in their place. She’s you’re standard blonde bombshell and whilst she’s really strong and independent, she too falls weak at Bond’s knee’s. She just couldn’t help herself!

2) Melina Havelock

Melina is not the most attractive of the Bond girls, nor is she one of the most funny or witty- compare her to the likes of Pussy Galore and she pales in comparison. However, what stands out about Melina is that she has one of the strongest characters of all the women and her story was one of the most integral of all the leading ladies too. She watches her parents horrific murder and then goes to seek revenge, all by herself. As far as Bond girls go, she seems pretty incredible…but even she can’t withstand the power Bond has over women.

3) Natalya Simonova

Natalya is considered to be the best of all the Bond girls from the 90’s. She’s most men’s dream girl- intelligent and sweet and cute and lovely…the list goes on. Her dark, sultry looks appealed to Bond and Bond’s own dark, handsome looks along with his smooth charm and with enticed her in and the two of course spent some intimate time together. A total glamour queen, Simonova was one of the Bond girl favourites.

4) Mary Goodnight

Another girl, another provocative name! Oh, and another blonde bombshell too. Mary had great chemistry with Bond of the moment, Roger Moore, and also a brilliant sense of humour that sticks with the audience long after the film is over. She’s a little different from the other Bond girls- whilst she only appears in one film like the rest of them, she actually appears in several of the books! And who can forget the iconic moment where she is locked in the wardrobe before an intimate moment with Bond…

5) Anya Amasova

Anya is one of the ladies who doesn’t fall at Bond’s feet straight away. When her and Bond first meet, it’s due to the fact that he is nearly murdered by her current boyfriend. It’s only when they discover the fact that they have to work together that they grow closer…and of course, more intimate. Did you really expect any less? She’s an intriguing character who often says one thing and does another, and is another dark and glorious beauty that’s very easy on the eye.

6) Teresa di Vicenzo- Tracy Bond

Teresa is a one of a kind Bond girl- the only girl who actually pinned Bond down and married him! Her character has a great storyline from the start- her and Bond meet when he saves her from attempting to commit suicide. Furthermore, rather than melting at his feet straight away, Teresa and Bond fall in love rather slowly throughout the duration of the film. However, Bond can never be truly happy (where’s the fun in that?) and sadly his love dies at the end of the film, minutes after they tie the knot.

7) Vesper Lynd

Vesper is the first Bond girl that Ian Fleming ever created, and with that being said she is also one of the strongest and most independent of all of his female characters. Whilst she has great banter and fabulous wit, she also has a deep, emotional side to her that is revealed slowly throughout the film. With her dark looks and effortless glamour, she was well accepted by the audience with her natural beauty.

8) Jill Masterson

Jill Masterson has been described as the first ever “throw away” Bond girl! Bond seduces her to save his own skin so that he doesn’t get in trouble for cheating in a casino. The whole time, she wears nothing but underwear. Nothing. When it is found out that she allowed herself to be seduced by Bond, she is murdered…by being painted gold entirely. Jill Masterson painted completely in gold, lying naked on the bed is one of the most memorable Bond scenes of all time…making Masterson one of the most memorable Bond girls.

9) Tatiana Romanov

A cute, bubbly blonde with an infectious grin that stood out a mile, Tatiana Romanova was on a mission to lure Bond away to Instanbul, where he would go on to be killed- of course, she doesn’t know this part. Her entry to the film “From Russia With Love” is absolutely iconic, with her first meeting Bond as she climbs into bed with him! A feisty female with balls. We like.

10) Honey Ryder

Last but by no means least is yet another blonde bombshell, Honey Ryder (another provocative name!). She had one of the best introductions to the Bond films, glamorously emerging from the ocean in a slinky white bikini- she left a hard act for Bond girls to follow. Her weapon of choice for the film was a hunting knife and…well. Sea shells. Beautiful, sweet and lovely, she too melted at Bond’s feet but has remained one of the audiences most loved Bond girl of all time.

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